Contribution Quality

While you are contributing to something on the forum, please keep in mind that it is valuable for us when the comments provide a new idea or show support for existing ideas when there are new views you want to share. Or you might be rejecting some proposal or an idea because some reason, please state that reason.

Comments like “100% supporting, very nice” or “Omchain is the best!!!” will be removed without further notice because they don’t provide any additional information.

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Today we had a halal and haram discussion on coins and stocks at work. It was said that the stock was halal because the company was a partnership and a product was put forward.
For the coin, it was said that there was no partnership, the product did not speak, and the price was lied to change with aphaki events. I conveyed your opposition to the phenomenon and the promise that “we will grow with the projects and agreements we produce, and the coin price will grow accordingly”. Then a light went on in my head. I wonder if Osman Bey is trying to make halal coins. Do you have an opinion like this?