Easily Stake Your Omchai̇ns in 7 Steps!

Primary Warning
•••Bridge transaction fees require a minimum of 1 dollar BNB and a very low amount of OMC to transfer from BSC network to OMC network.

1- ) Your wallet must have Omchain network added.

If it does, proceed to step 2. If not, follow the steps below (Steps are for Metamask).

Settings > Networks > Add Network > Custom Networks >
Network Name

RPC URL Address

Chain ID


Block Explorer URL
https://explorer.omchain.io 1

Your wallet must have BSC network added.

If it does, proceed to step 3. If not, follow the steps below (Steps are for Metamask)

Settings > Networks > BNB Smart Chain

Add it.

• If it doesn’t appear this way, add it manually:

Settings>Networks>Add Network>Custom Networks>
Network Name
Smart Chain

RPC URL Address

Chain ID


Block Explorer URL


Copy your Metamask wallet address. To withdraw your Omchain from BSC network, click on your Omchain in your wallet and select the withdrawal option. Enter your Metamask wallet address as the destination address and select BEP20(BSC) as the network.


The amount you withdrew should appear in your Metamask wallet within 5-10 minutes, depending on network congestion. If it does, proceed to the next step. If it does not:

Are you unable to see your token? Import Tokens > Add Token >
Token Address

Token Symbol

Token Decimal
Check "Import"

Taking into account the primary warning at the beginning, if you have the required fee in your Metamask wallet, proceed to step 6. If not:

• Send 1-2 dollars worth of BNB from your exchange account to your Metamask wallet.

• If you do not know how to do this:

Find BNB in your exchange wallet and go to the withdrawal section. Set the network as BNB Smart Chain (BEP20) and enter your Metamask wallet address as the destination address.

1-2 dollars of BNB and your OMC in the BSC network are ready, enter the omchain wallet address and click on the top left of metamask> browser section.

Search for the site

• If your wallet is not connected, allow the site to connect.

• Select the bridge option from the top right 3 dots>

Sender Network

Destination Network



Enter the amount you want to convert (Enter the whole number, do not enter the decimal part.
Example, if you have 10150.783, enter 10150)

Press the send button and in seconds your coins will now be on the omchain network!

Select the stake option from the top right 3 dots and enter the amount you want to stake.

(The amount you enter should be one less than the number you have, because a very small amount of fee will be taken.)

Your OMC is now staked. After 30 days, you can unstake or use the compound button to add your earnings to your existing amount and stake again. (If you unstake before 30 days, you will be charged a 6% penalty)

'Unstake and a 24-hour countdown will begin. After 24 hours, you can withdraw your OMC by clicking on the withdraw button.

• If you have any other questions about the topic, you can ask in the omchain Turkey or omchain global Telegram group.

Telegram: Contact @omChainTurkey (Turkey Group)

Telegram: Contact @omChainio (Global Group)