OIP-2: New Tokenomics

You can vote for this proposal at: omchain Web App

This is an official proposal for the new tokenomics of the Omchain.

The proposal arised from the topic; [Discussion] New Tokenomics

The proposal is;

The existing total supply of Omchain is 494.5M tokens. The proposal wants to replace this by 250M tokens initially. Further reductions will be further discussed in the forum.

The proposal includes;

  • burning of 100M team tokens to reduce the total supply to 394.5M,
  • burning of 65M spared for the burn event to reduce the total supply to 329.5M
  • burning of 29.5M from the airdrop pool to reduce the total supply to 300M
  • burning of 50M from the staking pool to reduce the total supply to 250M

After these burn events, the remaining allocation of the tokens will be re-adjusted so that new tokenomics will be;

  • 140M existing supply
  • 40M airdrop
  • 50M stake incentives to be distributed till 2026
  • 10M liquidity & market-making

Please let us know of your comments for further adjustment of this proposal and we will adjust and start a vote on the web app.


The aim is to reduce the maximum resource by 250 m. And you mean this is what happens if your aim drops?


I think this is fair enough. Let’s do it.


good enough rate. As our circulating supply will increase, our confidence will increase in terms of new investors.


I think the apy rate will decrease. This will reduce the pressure on the market.


it will be very good. selling pressure is lifted. buyers will have peace of mind. Then we can take it comfortably. :rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::rocket::fire::fire::fire::fire::fire:


Burning has always been positive for projects. I support


You made a good plan boss when do we start


We trust you as a community. We are always with you Osman Bey, This is a very good idea, we should announce it to everyone with advertisements, promotions and works. congratulations

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Let’s burn the maximum amount we can burn.

Please keep the conversation in English.

This is a proposal only for burn amounts and new tokenomics. If you have no objections, I will setup a new vote proposal for this on the web app as well. Once this is confirmed, I will share another draft for the burn calendar.

We plan on periodic burns rather than burning all of them together. But this is another discussion. So for now please make your comments regarding the distribution amounts and numbers. For other questions or opinions, make another topic or use existing ones but not this one.

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With the current price at this level, burning 250 million omchains will affect the price tremendously. I think it will burn periodically in the form of your suggestion. An urgent stock market listing should be made and 165 million omc should be burned. then periodically burned


we are ready boss i will vote yes to burn them

In my opinion, 250m burn is too much for now. if there will be good advertising works, I would like it to be burned too

After these burns, will the target of reducing the total supply to 100 million continue and how will the buyback program work?

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you have great ideas chief You are working with all your might to make omchain better.


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it would be great if the total remaining supply drops to 250,000,000

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yes let’s burn and burn total supply 250 million and more reduction super idea let’s burn and reduce

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