Product roadmap

Many people have been asking for a roadmap but we believe at this point it wouldn’t look good considering the project’s history as well as after a few products were already stolen from us.

So along the way we have a few products to deliver, we will try our best to deliver them as soon as possible now but we can’t promise anything regarding the timeline.

We have;

  • Update omApp - probably adjust colors of the app and implement WalletConnect
  • Update community platform
  • Update UI of the webapp, fix existing problems
  • Launch blockchain API for chain logger

Also, FileShare was an easy to use blockchain based file sharing application, it was made just to show our strength but we feel like an easy to use tool, like WeTransfer with blockchain would look really good. So if we’ll have time to deliver something like this, we will deliver.

We also have a website update on the way and trying to kickstart here and other social media platforms.


Your schedule looks busy, boss. I have no doubt that you will do whatever it takes to be ready before the bull. Fileshare got me excited, frankly. I can’t wait to try it.

Thanks, I just wanna make sure we communicate things openly and clearly here so anyone willing to learn more about the progress can read from here.

I will follow new developments and updates here. I am happy to be a follower of such a beautiful project.

I visited The software and design language of the site was very nice. we can use the same for

It’s a custom made design and we will have something more professional for omchain as well. Thank you for your input :slight_smile:

always forward. thanks

@OsmanKuzucu hello, do you have any estimation about the date of release for omApp?

I am currently working on it. Cleaning the existing codebase because there were version upgrades on the many of the libraries used. I’m assuming within 2 weeks I would be done with it but it would take a bit more time for google play & apple app store to verify the app and release.

Meanwhile, we’re redesigning our website as well and I want the looks of the omapp and website be consistent.