Updates on the bridge

Because OmeletteSwap will be deployed on the Omchain network soon, we will be upgrading our bridge infrastructure hopefully this weekend. While we are doing this update we would like to understand which tokens we should be adding to the bridge.

At the moment we have only the Omchain as the active asset on the bridge. We are going to be adding USDT as the stable currency - and do you think we should be adding any other asset to the bridge?

Moreover, we are thinking of a secure vault bridge - where if certain amount of USDT is deposited to the bridge contract - it automatically sends some amount of tokens to an external wallet address (whose private key is in cold storage), so that if anything happens to the bridge - a security problem for example - most of the funds would be safe.

What do you think about these changes?


I think BNB and ETH should be added to the bridge. The fact that they are major coins can be used for advertising purposes rather than for use. Optimism, Arbitrum, ZkSync, LayerZero also have hype. We can also invite investors from new networks.

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