A little criticism

It’s been 3 years since the project came out, I wonder why so many applications, community work, webapp, name change, stake etc. didn’t start at first, they started in the middle of the 2nd year. If his project went on sale after all this was planned and prepared in the first place, we would have been a huge community in the past 3 years. but I think we shouldn’t repeat the same mistakes anymore, we were very good at pankekswap times as an example

Well, I’ll be honest here;

This started late 2020 and private sale happened in January-February. Later we started working on payment infrastructure but after Thodex incident, it halted due to regulations.

Later we started working on the academy, came a long way and realized that with the bull run people don’t care about learning things rather than investing.

In 2021 we deployed a few more PoC applications like Fileshare and Chainlogger and started testnet - meanwhile kept with public sales on our web platform (which took some time to develop as well)

Later that year we delivered the MVP of the wall, block note mobile app and blockchain bridge. We also started working on a project called “Metalik” - which would be the metaverse & social application for the omchain ecosystem. Check the UI design for yourself; https://www.figma.com/file/lBDoMwcCcEsHFo0XUUNDvE/Metalik.io-(Copy)?t=nFYF3SbufVDAB9is-1

Also we had the exchange agreement that year with a software provider but again due to thodex we couldn’t launch because banks didn’t provide APIs to us for fiat deposits/withdrawals.

Late 2021 we started working on the blockchain based public institution voting app, and blockchain based certification app (which is the ChainCert now).

In 2022 our (now ex) CEO resigned and opened a lawsuit. Some of the projects had to be halted due to the conflicts and intellectual property rights. The lawsuit is still going on however we keep the development still, because Omchain belongs to the community, not the company.

Also in 2022 we started working on omapp, again whose codes were taken out of the company illegally. We have presented a new contract to the previous employees and some of them didn’t want to sign privacy & conflict of interest & competition agreement and resigned. Which made us slow down.

We kept building and delivered ChainCert, WebApp and airdrop program as well as promotional stakes and renewed the website. We worked on the community program and ended the 2022. We had VR work too (and source codes again stolen).

As you might be seeing, we had a lot of internal problems, which I personally didn’t reflect to the community but caused development to slow down. However, it’s not a big problem now because we are taking things to community. I also had some responsibility in this by trusting people and hiring people with references rather than skills.

Now that all those things are behind, we are left with only the core team who founded the project initially and I’m taking the development wheel back again to bring this project to its best state. I never wanted things to be unfolding like this, but what happened - happened. And it’s your and other members’ right to know the situation.

All in all, considering the sales completed in August 2021, it’s only 18 months since we started this project and we believe we delivered a lot given the problems. And we will work more to deliver more.


Thank you very much for your answer Mr. Osman, I am omchain and I trust and love you very much, I am a very loyal long-term investor, one day we will definitely come to the place we deserve, just don’t stop !:pray:

Thank you very much for such detailed information. Even I was very tired while reading and it is something to be appreciated that the omchain brand is standing now. It is sad and pleasing for the future that so many misfortunes have happened in such a short time. I am ready to do whatever I can for myself. omchain is an investment tool yes. Whether it succeeds or not is another matter. I see this place as a family and I will be happy with whatever I can give to this family. I’ve talked to a few people who know you well. Osman Hodja said he was one of the most ambitious, struggling, and determined people I have ever seen in reaching his goal. Now I understand much better. I was sad when I read the message. We will succeed together. I wholeheartedly believe this.

We already guessed
that you have been betrayed. Because the amount of product and profit that will be revealed by your knowledge and determination to work should not have been at this level.
I wrote to you earlier on Twitter and telegram that you should question the loyalty of your circle.

We trust you and we have been defending this project on every platform for 2 years. We are confident that you will succeed. We will continue to defend.
As an honest person, you have never acted to cause artificial rise. And we believe you won’t. If OMC goes up, it’s definitely a real value increase.

You should also prioritize price-based work this year as part of your commitment to keeping this loyal community with you, which has been here for investment purposes and has not been able to make a profit since the day it entered the project.

We have always been with you, and we will be with you from now on. We trust you.

I believe that omchain needs some sort of mentor to bring a new direction to the project who has a lot of experience and led successful projects in blockchain industry.
I have seen three cases in crypto so far. First, you provide nothing to investors but a dream. Still, you rise fast and you fall fast. Secondly, you really create a good project and an actual working solution but you lack of expertise about how to run a successful business. Third, you create a great project and a greater business so that your product is worth investing in.
Omchain looks more like second case as of now. This is purely my opinion and I hope to see omchain as an example of third case as soon as possible.

That is a very good description of the previous state. We are transitioning and hopefully you can see our new advisors and approach soon with the new web design and overall changes. I think you can sense these changes starting from last month, many more to come.

If it was someone else, maybe she would have let us down despite all the difficulties, but you worked tirelessly and gave effort, I appreciate it, your way is our way, we are with you OMUZ OMUZA DAHA GÜÇLÜYÜZ

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