About community omchain event awards

I got an idea. Earn points by performing tasks on the community omchain. The winners will be able to win omchain or souvenir products with the points they earn.

What do you think if the reward system was like this?

If the points we earned were actually a utility token generated on the omchain network. For example, omrewards.
Those who are in the top 10 in the ranking will receive omchain + omrewards rewards as much as the points they get. Those who cannot enter the top 10 should be given omrewards tokens only for the points they have accumulated. With these tokens, omchain can buy points from souvenir products by choosing their worth. I think that both omchain recognition will increase, those who are behind in the ranking will have a goal and continue the event, and the airdroper will be able to participate in the events and receive free gifts and support the advertising side. Therefore, I think that not only omchain owners, but also non-omchain owners will join the community for gifts such as cups, t-shirts, hats, etc. with the omchain logo. I’m curious about your opinions on this idea.

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A bounty program that is the same as what you’re talking about is currently running on the community page.
Are you talking about something different?

I guess I don’t know the details of the current bounty program. Could you please share all the details.