Buyback program and listing

Will the total target of 100 million continue in the new supply after the burns? How will it be to buy omchain from the market with the income from the works to be done and burn it? If they ask you to omc for stock market listings, how will you supply it?

i think this is not important now for us. 250 million is a low enough supply for the market.

This is the very main issue of exchange listings. We don’t have enough OMC on the sell side (also on the buy side) of the order book. The exchanges suggest us to have at least $30K worth of tokens for the sell side of the order book on initial listing. With current price it’s roughly 6M tokens, which we don’t wanna sell for these prices and we don’t have it now.

That’s why there is 10M Liquidity tokens allocated for exchange listings and further market making. As for the burn aim, yes we still aim to burn till 100M tokens. Burns are already happening in micro level with clapi we have released a week ago. There’ll be more coming.