[Discussion] Block Gas Limit + Time Interval

Here I wanted to have your opinions about our blockchain’s current state. We are producing large blocks with pretty low block intervals, however, it is filling a lot of disk space and will be costing us more to keep up with it, as well as any new node synchronizing users.

In this sense, we could be reducing block gas limit from 50M to something like 10M to save 80% space from the blocks itself and increase the block interval from 2 seconds to 5 seconds. From the user’s perspective, there wouldn’t be much problem or changes wouldn’t be noticable greatly. But it would save us time and money and for the people in the future it would be easier to sync with the blockchain.

What do you think?


What is the market perception of increasing the block time? Would it be more open to attacks? Does it increase fees?

It doesn’t have anything to do with the attacks or the fees. It just means that previously transactiouns would confirm in on average 1 second, now it will be 2.5 seconds.

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then there is no problem for us. you r boss :slight_smile:

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sensible transaction fees should be more and let’s burn all the fees, sometimes high speed brings death