Management problem of Tg group

Person who can’t manage the herd of sheep are managing the tg group. Because He doesnt have yhe ability to explain, He mutes me. Self-taught people are immediately apparent. We nvr ve problem Pafu but noob tg admins like moon23 ve a lot of.

@OsmanKuzucu U MUST rewiev for New investors. This noob harms to project. U should choose more educated people than this noob.

You are targeting by saying the correction aspects of people’s buying and selling, this is wrong, first focus on yourself

I ll focus myself. I think saying that it will go up is the same as saying that you can go down and make a limit trade. Isaid only “use limit dont make marketbuy.”

İf ı say “be a safe”, is it wrong. But if say “go to the moon”, it OK. These rhetoric and this understanding are only belong to shitcoin tg group.

First of all this is not the right place to dispute the things happening on the TG.

Second of all, even if this is the place, topic should have been opened in the support section.

Third, please provide context, screenshots via message here and let us evaluate whether it was rightful or not. Don’t publicly send your screenshots as it contains personal information of you and others and might be illegal to do so.