Opinions on the Burn Schedule

Initially we mentioned that we don’t want to burn all the tokens at once. We will burn the team tokens at once but for the other tokens to be burned, we want to have periodic burn events to build up the hype.

One idea was to burn 1M for every Omchain Talks we are having. Additionally we can burn 10M each month too. Please tell us some specific events, or times that we can have the burns. Should we burn every week? Every month? Or every price ATH? Let us know of your opinions on the burning schedule.

We can maybe burn the initial 150M at once and later periodically burn? Let us know.


It would be nice to burn it little by little with the activities after the high burn at the beginning.

Could you make some suggestions for the numbers? I think it’s better if we burn all the team share first. Then for the other amounts burn it slowly.

Monthly burns rather than weekly burns may make more sense. It can be effectively advertised and burned on social media. We have no doubt that the project will come to all kinds of beautiful places…

i think in the begining we should burn 200 millions . Then I guess there’s 45 million left. We can also burn them with events. For example, 1 million in twitter spaces, 5 million in omapp releasing.

well, will the stake rate decrease, mr osman?

it is necessary to burn it periodically after reviewing the general situation of the market and to advertise it before burning

Please discuss it here: Staking Method & APY

When its price is ATH, it sounds great to burn. I think it would make sense to burn monthly. Even CZ burns BNB periodically. The leader’s tactic is good. Let it burn once a month. 165 million direct incineration

I agree with the idea of burning omc in twitter spaces. Maybe we can increase monthly burn to 20M and add the communty to the process. The more points you get, the more omc you burn.

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When we say that the team share should be burned at once, the other parts will burn as much as the first day of the stake, we can say that we will burn as much as the withdrawal from mexc to the wallets with monthly activity and make the market buy in mexc.

I think this is a very good approach. Every month we can check all the withdrawals and burn that amount in addition to Omchain talks burns.

glad you like it omchain will do my best to make it better

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an update on this, shall we move on with these burns?