Staking Method & APY

On this topic please share your opinions on the staking method as well as tokenomics details. With the ongoing proposal (OIP-2: New Tokenomics) we will have 50M staking tokens to be distributed till 2026 (time could be decreased but stake pool will be 50M)

Before we discussed SAR Staking (

Now that tokenomics is under vote and will be decided by the community, tell us your opinions on the how staking OMC should work

We currently have around 2 million staking products per month. it takes 25 months with this rate. however, if the price rises, some of them will enter the market, and it will take approximately 3-4 years until the end of the pool. We can keep the stake rate stable.

but the idea of giving extra apy by increasing the lock duration is nice. for example monthly %3, 6 monthly %24 , yearly %50-60.

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The staking rate can be increased or decreased on an annual basis depending on the market situation. For example, assuming we are currently in a bear market, the staking rate looks good now. In the case of a bull market, the stakin rate can be lowered.

i think that would be good.

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recommendation 1 ; Instead of giving stake rewards to those who hold omc, it would be more beneficial to give the most effort to the community program suggestion 2 ; According to the number of omc in hand, the percentage of stakes is 100k, 7% for apy, 7% for 500k, 15% for 500k, 25% for 1 million and above, in this way, we can get people to get more and stake.

While I agree with distributing tokens to community program, the later staking incentive just distributes more reward to already big bag holders which would cause a problem for new token holders.

it’s just an idea you’re the boss

You can vote in the community for the lockout rate. Will it decrease or increase? If it will decrease, you can also ask what the rate should be with 4 or 5 options. For example ;