Spring Cleaning

Under this topic please identify things that should be cleaned / fixed. And please help us clean/fix those things. I can start with CoinGecko, the logo should be updated: https://www.coingecko.com/tr/coins/omchain


You can include anything you want to see on Omchain or any project that we should be partnered up with or any website/index/platform we should be on. Come on, lets do this together!


We have reached out to CoinGecko for logo update for example but no response yet. Maybe you guys can reach out them too with updated logo. Here is 64x64 logo: https://s2.coinmarketcap.com/static/img/coins/64x64/10228.png

Use the form here as instructed: https://support.coingecko.com/hc/en-us/articles/8820830357017-How-do-I-update-token-info-on-CoinGecko-token-page-


mexc information should be updated

the website should be renewed urgently, all information should be up to date, the first place investors look is the website.

Can someone pickup this and reach out to MEXC? And what should we write? Any ideas?

I’m working on it to deliver within a few days with new look. What would you want to see on the website (information wise)?

the total supply, the circulating supply should be updated. Areas on the website that have not been updated for a long time should be updated without delay.

Let’s talk to mxc and request omchain network integration. It would be nice to organize global events like tonight’s but

The coinmarketcal entries should be announced to community so that more votes collected and the entry goes up to hot or trending section.
A lot of people follow, and biconomy listing only received 10 votes. Thnx

Omchain integration to mexc.

People might not have broad information regarding bridging. There is potential for doing some wrong moves. All the team supports in any case, but a video for instance can be good showing how to send from mexc to bitmart (if there is already one, please ignore the last sentence) thnx

Great team, great dev, great project.

supply info missing

for example i like the polygon website the exchanges we are listed as extra, and we may have partners

omChain web sitesi üzerine köptü çoklu haline getirilse ve herkese güzel ve basit bir şakilde anlatılsa omChain’nin geleceği için harika olur. Erc-20, Bep20, Polygon, Avax, Tron ağınnın hepsinde listelense harika olur.

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The omchain network needs to be added to coinmarketcap and coingecko because of the large number of holders on the omchain network. Circulating supply, total supply is wrong on all three (cmc, cg, app omchain io)

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Alright I worked till now (it’s 02:48 AM) and finished the new website, check it out and please leave your comments here: https://omchain.io/


I agree with this - it is crucial it is added because the way it shows now it looks like Omchain might be a BSC token or ETH L2

The sub header of the new website should include “Layer 1”: Omchain is scalable and robust Layer 1 blockchain, built to satisfy the near real-time EVM need of everyone.

On the FAQ page the “What is the purpose of the OMC token?” and “What are the benefits of using Omchain over other blockchain networks?” responses need to be much more robust. Honestly, those two questions should probably have their own page with at least ten paragraphs of Osman’s insights and answers. :slight_smile:

There should be a tokenomics page because everyone looks for that and it will be a positive to have one that let’s the world know there are no team tokens or any future lockups that will lead to dumps on investors.

The explorer should have a wallet tab where you can search and sort.

That’s all I have for a first pass but will give it a closer look tomorrow.

Omchain is different - the website should take every step possible to shout that at people and let them know why!

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Is there anyone tracking these updates from the community? @Ahmetchain can we submit updates there too?

@ahmetchain please fix

bridge will be updated too, on the roadmap for this month