What do we need on the chain first?

I’ve been trying to determine what should we deploy on the Omchain network first?

Do you think we could use an NFT marketplace? I’m not talking about very complex one with the best UI but something we can craft for test purposes using open source libraries and templates.

Or what else? let me know.

Let’s not do anything as a test anymore. once everything is done we can work on the Nft market. After Omapp, burn and web.

If the program required for NFT on the Omchain network has passed the tests, let’s do a Twitter event as a community. be a playground for people. Let them spend their time playing games.

Who knows, maybe next Christmas, people will send NFTs to each other on the Omchain network…

this is our community right now. There is no point in waiting for new people for distributions. Let’s decide and go with this team.

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