What do you think about Trade Agent(OTC) on omchain network?

Wouldn’t it be great to develop an application in the cryptocurrency market that will mediate over-the-counter trades?

especially to see other coins and tokens in our own network.

People should experience “maximum speed, minimum fee” as our prominent feature in their over-the-counter trades.

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I think excellet for that people to experience max speed min fee.

the biggest problem with OTC trades is the escrow part. How can we make sure that the OTC executed correctly? I mean we can write a UI that allows people to create a deal, and then deposit the tokens to our bridge and upon confirmation of the deposit, exchange the tokens. However, I don’t think it is really needed.

What’s more needed can be OTC trades for cash <–> token exchanges. So people can buy the tokens via cash OTC without an exchange. But then again, confirming the transfer of the cash is a problem.

Maybe something like localbitcoins? idk