[Discussion] New Tokenomics

This is an open discussion topic for the tokenomics of the Omchain, as I’ve written on another post before the current situation is;

I meant we have 330 Million (more or less) to be allocated. They are currently allocated for staking + burn + team.

100 M for team (we will ask for burning all of them)
65 M for burn event (it will be burned, spared for that)
45 M for airdrop
120 M or so for the staking pool.

We can re-adjust the allocations by voting on the web app. Feel free to share your opinions.

In total our supply is 495M and roughly 140-160M of them are already allocated (meaning it’s either at users’ wallets or in staking pool or tresury)

Lets discuss our supply and tokenomics.


We will burn up to 330 million for sure. Do you mean we can burn more?

Just to make sure there is no confusion, I don’t mean that we will burn 330M tokens. I am saying that existing circulation is 140-160M or so. And we have 330M tokens not allocated so far. I am asking how it should be allocated.

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team share burn stake pool should be reduced to 50 million and distributed in community program let’s reduce our total supply to 150 million in 1 year journey to 1 dollar all together

If the circulation is 160M add 40M for team and burn the rest of them.

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-Burn 80 Million (80 % ) of Team Allocation (100 Million)
-Burn 65 Million as it was supposed to have been.
-Burn 30 Million ( 66 %) of Airdrop Allocation
-Burn 90 Million (75 %) of Stake Allocation

So Let’s say the current supply is 140 Million, after the burn it can be around:

140 Million Current Supply
20 Million Team
15 Million Airdrop
30 Million Stake

It will be roughly 200 Million.


I mean we don’t have to reserve a lot for staking and airdrop as we aim to see omChain in Top 200 or even Top 100 in the near future which will move to price to the level of $1.


i agree with this idea

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I think enough airdrops have been made

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Im with you @dnlrfth

This is convenient. May be

140M Circulating Supply
10M Airdrop
20M Team
30M Staking

Will be 200M


Exactly, we should only reserve a small amount even if we have to.

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Please consider the following cases while making suggestions and explain your reasoning;

  • Existing token holders are roughly 2K people
  • We are growing community so we might need incentive tokens
  • For exchange listing we need liquidity tokens
  • 65M tokens are already staked, if we lower the staking reward, do you think we’d have a sell pressure?
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I agree the same.:fire::fire::fire:

You will still have incentive tokens but you don’t have to give 1000 or 10000 to the participants. You can still give 10 or 100 omchain if the price reaches a certain level. We will be happy to sell our tokens to new holders :relaxed: if they really pay for it.

You can still reserve a certain amount for exhange listings and I don’t think anyone will object to that. It makes sense that you can use some part of that 45 million Omchain for such issue but not for people who constantly get airdrops and dumbs them on us. You can even give them to some lets say well-known and respected influencers. Their followers will easily buy Omchain once they talk about our project.

For the staking issue, we definetely need to lower the APY if we want a have sustainable staking program. Cause once the tokenomics have been updated and some part of the supply has been burned, the APY will become really high considering that the price of the Omchain.

One last thing, there should be a different system in terms of speaking. I mean when you lock your tokens for a year lets say, it should not be possible to unlock them. And those holders should be rewarded differently in this sense.

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@OsmanKuzucu If we lower the Staking rewards, i think sell pressure will be eliminated.

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I don’t think there is any selling pressure. There is a shortage of buyers. When I look at the board, I can’t get coins. There are so few on sale that I am pushing the price up 30% with 1000 dollars. In my opinion, staking revenues should not be reduced. maybe a special percentage of income can be given to lock periods. this seems like a good method for staking.

If all the coins allocated for the team are burned, the motivation of the team may be negatively affected. I think its rate can be reduced, but it should not be completely burned.

Those who leave for the burning event will already be burned. We can use it as fuel to rocket us at key times, in market conditions.

I think 45 million airdrops is too much. It could be a lower one.

I think the amount allocated for the staking pool is too much. can be lowered. The staking system can be updated with different lock times and revenue percentages.

As a result, I think the maximum supply can be considered reasonable at a figure of around 200 million.

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What would you think for us to do market making operations especially on the sell side? Not huge amounts but some amount so price won’t be pushed 30% and sellers wouldn’t be dumping immediately? We can adjust a sell wall with some amount of tokens, and income earned from those sales would ONLY be used to buy back OMC when the price drops our average sell price.

In this sense we would give potential investors some tokens to buy without price skyrocketing, and have some funds to buy back when it drops drastically.


I would prefer you have a buy wall. :slight_smile: It is normal for a crypto project to skyrocket if mcap is 700k $ only and half of the circulating supply is locked in staking. I think we should not pay attention to price skyrocketting as it will be stabilized as our mcap gets bigger.

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