Is SAR Staking possible in Omchain?

Is SAR Staking possible in Omchain? I think, the Staking trends going to in this direction because investors wanna be privileged for waiting a long time. If I ‘ll talk about SAR, Long-term investors make reward more than short_term. Thats MEAN APR rate changes depending on staking time. when it comes to Omchain, Long-term investment will be more reasonable. İn this way Volatility’ ll descrease and be price stability i think.

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Current APY is around 37% if you don’t touch your staking. If you compound it’s somewhere between 43-45 or so, so we already have it built in for compounding stakers.

Could you provide more examples on SAR?


Staking rewards will be determined when the day you want to claim the reward.

For Example:

Your Omc amount: 1000
Daily stake Apr: %5
1~30 days staking Apr: %10
31~90 days staking Apr: %20
90~180 days staking Apr: %30

if you claim the rewards on 5th day, ur rewards 1000 + %5 apr
İf u claim the rewards on 35th day, ur rewards 1000 + %10 apr
İf u claim on 181th day, your rewards will be 1000 + %30 Apr


I think its good idea. SAR staking or auto-compound is good for users. But if we thinking about omchain’s benefit SAR staking is better for marketing and looking innovative.


I think we should continue with the low stake model after the high burn. e.g
-100 million company share
-20 million team share
-120 million currently on the market
-60 million remaining
It would be much nicer if we reduce it to 300 million and stake for 60 million pool share. We reduce the stake rate to 1%.

company share may be slightly reduced. like 80 million. slightly decrease as percentage

Sar system makes more sense to me.
Let me ask how we can reduce the selling pressure from the stock return, this is the important thing.

People should not constantly sell their staking income but instead add it to their staking amount so that there is more omchain accumulation.

The sar model makes more sense than our current model. I agree with cem.

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I say it briefly and clearly.
With which model omchain will make a positive price, it should be.


I think there is no need for such an application that will cause more apy distribution for a coin that has 60% of the circulating supply in stake. The community has been staking for 6 months already. As long as the staking continues regardless of staking, they will also be problematic staking until the bull starts.

We are open to all suggestions regarding the staking. If I’m not mistaken we have more than 120M+ OMC reserved for staking. (Haven’t checked the exact numbers)

Also roughly 45M for airdrop (more or less) and 65M for token burn.

This adds up to 230M tokens, which is almost half of all the tokens. On top of that there is 100M team tokens which we’ll ask your opinion on whether we should burn all of them (I personally want to burn all of them)

Consider we have 330M tokens to be allocated, roughly 20M company reserve (which we almost haven’t used but we must use it soon on exchanges to provide liquidity) and around 6M tokens under custody. This brings the total amount of tokens in circulation somewhere 140M or so (Might be less, I don’t know exact distribution of staking rewards yet)

Please feel free to make a proposal for staking model with detailed mathematics of it and discuss, we can create a vote for it for community to vote.


do you think 330 million remains?

I meant we have 330 Million (more or less) to be allocated. They are currently allocated for staking + burn + team.

100M for team (we will ask for burning all of them)
65M for burn event (it will be burned, spared for that)
45M for airdrop
120M or so for the staking pool.

We can re-adjust the allocations by voting on the web app. Feel free to share your opinions.

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my opinion is to reduce the total number of coins to 300 million, provided that the company and team share is not more than 30 percent. If the company wants to burn more than its share, it would be nice.

Wow, this is really impressive. I mean your considering of burning all the team’s share. This would be definetely revolutionary :slight_smile: and if you ask the community, they will definitely say “yes, burn them all”

My advice is to clarify the tokenomics soon. We can lower the APY and burn most the part that you reserve for Airdrop and Staking, and team share as well if you really plan to do that.

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Let me just create another topic for tokenomics, then we can have all the contributions there and later discuss the staking here.